Music tuition in Nowra

Most popular instruments

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • French horn
  • Saxophone
  • Piano

Also offered

  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Recorder
  • Guitar

Other tuition available

  • Band programs – include group tuition, band rehearsal, instrument hire and music
  • Music theory/musicianship
  • From 2019 Clefs n Keys Music are also the Nowra representatives for Trinity College of London Music and Speech & Drama exams.

To help minimise expense for parents whilst still developing the necessary instrumental skills required for eventual progression onto conventional band instruments, we offer tuition in primary age band programs, on a range of entry-level plastic instruments produced by Nuvo. These instruments are light and inexpensive whilst still being capable of producing expressive tone.

Many of our families opt for having individual lessons in class time at the student’s school. Richard is a visiting tutor at several local schools, and both Richard and Maree offer after school tuition at their home or school studios after school hours.

Standard individual lessons are 30mins, and range in cost from $30-$38. Lessons are focussed on developing skills whilst also being enjoyable and suitably challenging. Students may decide to present for exams, and assistance is given in preparation for eisteddfod competitions, school concerts and HSC repertoire as required.

Band lessons are conducted in groups of same instruments e.g. all clarinets together. Group sizes are generally up to a maximum of 6-8 students.

Being part of a band encourages co-operation and sharing of knowledge and skills. Band members become eligible to represent their school at competitions and participate in community and school events such as school fetes and other fundraisers for various causes. All of our students are encouraged to join either their school band or a community band when they have acquired a suitable skill level.

Maree and Richard are both actively involved in local community groups, in particular the Shoalhaven City Concert Band, Youth Band and Jazz Band. Maree is also a committee member and the Instrumental Convenor of the City of Shoalhaven Eisteddfod. Both Richard and Maree work at providing opportunities for young people practise and extend their musical capabilities.

clarniet lesson
trumpet and trumbone lessons
French horn

Here are some useful links if you are interested in gaining these credentials:

Syllabuses via our Australian website:

For Closing Dates and Fees:

And for forms, please go to:

You can contact the Shoalhaven City Youth Band directly via their Facebook page:

9 Good reasons to encourage your child to learn an instrument

  1. Learning music increases memory skills
  2. Learning to play an instrument teaches perseverance and creates a sense of achievement
  3. Playing an instruments requires brain work at high speeds which improves coordination
  4. Improved reading and comprehension skills from reading music
  5. As most instruments require some maintenance or cleaning, looking after your instrument creates responsibility
  6. Music opens doors to culture and history
  7. Learning to play music nurtures healthy self-expressions
  8. Playing an instrument requires careful listening
  9. Playing music in a group or band improves social skills

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